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Employee of the Month
Pawnee Nation Employee's Club

2003 Employees of the Month

January - Marilyn Nuttle
February - Lily Harms
March - Janna Stiles
April - Floyd Williams
May - Lisa Tiger
June - Cecelia Hawkins
July - Donna Wilde
August - Phammie Littlesun
September - Frankie Carson
October - James Rice
November - Lesley Rice
December - Dorothy Moore

2002 Employees of the Month

January - Donna Wilde
February - Frankie Carson
March - Melvin DeLodge
April - Pat LeadingFox
May - Billie Jo Newrider
June - Phammie Littlesun
July - James Rice
August - Randy Tiger
September - Lozanna Sletto
October - Dorothy Moore
November - Lesley Rice
December - Charles Wilde

For 2003, we had a tie between Lesley Rice and Cecelia "Bonnie" Hawkins, with a show of hands Bonnie won 6-4. Bonnie was presented with a $100.00 check and her name displayed on the plague at Administration Building.
For 2002, Donna Wilde was the Employee of the Year and received a $100.00 cash gift. This year's monthly winners will be eligible for the 2003 Employee of the Year.

This year, I am hoping to make a worthwhile prize.

Employee Club of the Pawnee Nation