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Pawnee Nation Employee's Club

This page will have a copy of our latest organization newsletter. We will update the page each month.

Pawnee Nation Employee Club

2003 News Summary

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The Pawnee Nation Employees Club went through minor changes in 2003 from changing the Employee of the Month (EOTM) award from $25.00 to $30.00 and anyone who receives a payroll check from the Pawnee Nation would be eligible for EOTM.  The 2003 officers were James Rice, President; Randy Tiger, Vice-President; and David Kanuho, Treasurer, and Cecelia Hawkins as the Secretary.

The Clubs Employee of the Month award through the 2003 year; each recipient was awarded a $30.00 gift certificate from Clicks Steakhouse and makes him or her eligible for the Employee of the Year award.  Those who were chosen by their peers were:

January, Marilyn Nuttle;                July, Frankie Carson;

February, Lily Harms;                August, Phammie Littlesun;

March, Janna Stiles;                September, Randy Tiger;

April, Floyd Williams;                October, James Rice;

May, Lisa Tiger;                November, Lesley Rice;

June, Cecelia Hawkins;                December, Dorothy Moore.

The 2003 Employee of the Year is Cecelia Hawkins.  Her peers have given her distinguished honor of being the second Employee of the Year award.  The Club awarded her with $100.00, just in time for Christmas.  She will be given a plaque with a tribal seal, the words Pawnee Nation Employee of the Year Cecelia Bonnie Hawkins 2003 and her name will be displayed on a plaque in the Administration Building along with 2002 Employee of the Year Donna Wilde.

The Employee Club held several activities and donated to several organizations throughout the year.  Some of the events were an Easter egg hunt for all ages; roses were handed out to all of the mothers on Mothers Day; we cooked and served for the Heritage Day festivities held at the Pawnee Tribal Roundhouse; we hosted a farewell party for Nina Fields and family with pizza at the Pawnee Nation Firehouse conference room; we cooked for the Title VI Dance held at the Pawnee Public School gymnasium; we co-hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner with the Elders; and held our annual banquet at Sirloin Stockade in Stillwater.

In addition, the Club and the Elderly Meals Program sponsored the Employee Day and Halloween party.  A costume contest that was judged by Dina Rowton and Kris Venable of the Pawnee True Value Lumber and William Howell of the Pawnee Chief.  The Club sponsored the contest with three categories: Elder Men and Women (55 years young and older), Adult Men (18 54 years old), Adult Women (18 54 years old) and the young ones (baby to 17 years old).  The winners of each category were as follows: Elders Marie Realrider as Good Morning America, 1st place, Virgil Cook as The Lone Ranger, 2nd place and Sandra Moore as OU Fan Trying To Make It To The Game, 3rd place.  We hope Marie finally got around to changing channels, boy howdy did the Lone Ranger have a scrawny horse or WHAT and we hope Sandra made it to the OU game GO Sooners.  The Adult Men David Pickering as Dark Chocolate Kiss, 1st place, Amon Leroy as Gandalf the Grey, 2nd place and Donnie Swartz as the Chatickstakaw, 3rd place.  We all know what happened to the big kiss hinnit Suzy, MY! Gandalf made his comeback and how about Mr. Swartz or was it Mrs. Swartz who comes up with the IDEA of Chatickstakaw he shore made a goot one.  The Adult Women Mia Peck as Model Employee, 1st place, Marcella Johnson as Scary Witch, 2nd place and Dolly Gonzales as the Shrouded Spirit, 3rd place. Did you see that girl with a knife in her back? We hope shes all right we hope they fixed her back too; boy, that scary witch could shore dance and the shrouded spirit enough said.

Finally, yet importantly, we recognized employees with service awards along with a special recognition at the Employee Day and Halloween Party.  Those who have five years of service are: Lesley Rice, Pamela Cook, Donna Wilde, Melvin Dislodge, Lyle Fields, Marilyn Nuttle and Jimmy Kanuho.  Those who have ten years of service are Barbara Attocknie and Lily Harms.  One with twenty years of service is Keith Lyons.  The special recognition comes, as no surprise for having twenty-five years of service is Phyllis Soxie.

The 2004 officers are James Rice, President; Randy Ledford, Vice-President; Charles Wilde, Treasurer; and Cecelia Hawkins, Secretary.

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.
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